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Venipuncture OSCE Exam – Phlebotomy using a vacutainer

Venipuncture is a key skill that you need to master as a medical student, junior doctor or healthcare professional, this video will guide you step by step along the way.

This video will look at one of the phlebotomy techniques and teach you how to draw blood using the vacutainer system in preparation for your OSCE exam.

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How to select the most effective vein for clinical abilities -cannulation and venepuncture

Drugs in a Nutshell provides a manual to picking the most effective vein for clinical abilities.

Hints and suggestions to successfully getting blood or canulation rely on great preparing by picking the appropriate vein.

No matter whether a nurse, paramedic, medic or phlebotomist it is vital to select a great vein for the clinical ability you are hoping to complete.


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Positioning Pediatric People

Correctly positioning your pediatric sufferers is critical to the accomplishment of the method. This clip demonstrates right positioning with and without the need of parental guidance.

For the complete-duration DVD that contains this clip, stop by stop by or service/6029.cpe. Streaming solution also readily available.


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Is that tube whole?

Underfilling blood assortment tubes wreaks havoc on laboratory examination final results. You will find a total ton more to drawing lab get the job done than just receiving blood in the tube. This online video clip discusses how to know when the tube is flawlessly crammed and why each and every affected individual wants you to fill them specifically.

For the whole-size streaming online video that contains this clip, take a look at take a look at


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2365 Sophisticated Venipuncture Education Aid™

Our new and enhanced 2365 Sophisticated Venipuncture Education Aid™ even now features 4 hardly discernible blue veins in three distinct sizes, with the fourth vein deeply positioned, all in just our proprietary latex-free Dermalike™ for a sensible coaching state of affairs just like accessing a authentic affected individual! As the IV catheter enters the vein, a sensible “flashback” of simulated blood confirms suitable needle placement, supporting create hand-eye coordination, self esteem, and bettering competency, even though insuring your patient’s security.


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