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Update: Med School!!! (I’m back!)

Last time I took a video it was 4 months ago now I’m back with a lot to tell you this is my update from the medical school perspective. This is also like an inspirational video along with an update because a lot has happened in my life recently. Sorry been gone for so long but I will hopefully be making a lot more videos soon. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions put them in the comments below. If you like seeing my face please Subscribe! Thank you so much for everything.


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The Phlebotomy Giveaway Winner!!!

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Phlebotomy T-Shirt is ready + Prom Success + a HOOD on my cup?! April 25-26 Vlog

These clips are from Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26.
ENJOY! Let me know what you think : )

Prom is over and I FINALLY got the T-shirt for the GIVEAWAY.

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Finding Medical Lab Technician Salary

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Finding Medical Lab Technician Salary – Once you have decided that a profession within the health care industry is the thing that you would like, you’ll need to give thought to a couple of things. In order to ensure that you find the right career inside the health care arena, the initial thing you ought to do before you begin shopping around for that most suitable career role is to ensure that you know what you want out of your life style and specifically what type of individual you really are. So long as you sort those out first of all, then you are more than likely to get yourself a perfect fit.

When choosing a profession in the medical field there are plenty of disciplines that you can consider and even a range of diverse paths which you can take across the normal scope of medicine and so choosing a sector that suits your individual character, skills in addition to your own personalized ideals is paramount.

Every single facet of your actual education and learning within medical school does not just maximize your all-round expertise and add to your education working while in the medical industry but, it helps you to enhance your skills which will certainly add more to your own knowledge bank. But, recognize, it isn’t really an employment road for the faint hearted. On the contrary, you simply must have undergone undergraduate education and learning, followed by med school and after that grad health care education.

If you’re planning on a specific professional niche you will even need to take a Fellowship. There are many people who want to specialise in a particular area making it heavy duty competition thus, it is beneficial that you really know which area in the medical industry you want to enter in to before you fill out an application.

After that you have obtained all the required qualifying measures to be licensed as part of your specific choice of occupational route within the medical industry, you actually can expect to appreciate a very financially rewarding income.

How much
does a Medical

The average
annual Medical
Laboratory Technician
salary is $45,965

With a range
usually between

These figures can
depend on a number
of factors such as

type of industry,
company size,
location of job,
years of experience,
level of education.

There are great
opportunities for
a career as a Medical
Laboratory Technician.

A predicted 30%
employment growth
for this role from
2012-2022, which is
above the normal average.

Start Looking Today
For a new career
as a Medical
Laboratory Technician.

Video Marketing –


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Getting to Work: Advice From Healthcare Professionals

Presented by The Arizona Medical Training Institute. “Getting to Work” is a video produced for job seekers. It discusses getting your foot in the healthcare door and practical advice on getting an interview and getting a job in healthcare. AMTI trains frontline healthcare workers. Certified Nursing Assistants, Caregivers, and Phlebotomists. We also provide Continuing education credits. Call today for information @ 480-835-7679


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Screening For Disease in Blood Donations

Students in phlebotomy classes quickly learn that one can’t simply collect blood for a transfusion and then immediately use it for the next person in need. Keeping the blood supply safe and free from disease is of extreme importance, especially when it comes to donations that will be used in future medical procedures. As a result, blood samples in Denver and the rest of the United States are screened for several diseases before being used in medical procedures. This ensures the safety of the blood supply and provides important medical information to donors. Learn more at


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