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Tucson Personal Training – Joanie’s Success Story with Fitness Boot Camp

Hear Joanie’s Success Story as she shares her results and experience by working with SWAT Fitness and Personal Training in Tucson.

With fitness boot camp at SWAT Central in Tucson, AZ, she has made amazing progress, and gotten great weight loss and fitness results from her program, as designed by her personal trainer. SWAT Personal Training in Tucson provides personal training, group personal training, fitness boot camps, Crossfit, and kettlebells for amazing transformations.


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Innovation Update #5 Feasibility and Data Collection

This week’s update includes a tip about starting a #GeniusHour project: Feasibility report and data collection. Twitter training and our “Super List” on mentioned. If you are interested in my new book “Pure Genius: Building a Culture of Innovation” you can purchase it on at:
Or Barnes and Noble:


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Obama’s Gay Past Comes Out!

Alex asks Dr. Steve Pieczenik what he thinks about Huma and her background. Pieczenik says that the office of president must be filled by someone with deep compromised backgrounds like Bill Clinton being the child of an unknown father and a prostitute mother. Obama is a known gay man who slept with Rahm emanuel. Hillary is a lesbian and that itself is a threat to national security.

Obama Picks Openly Gay Man to Lead Army

[Secret Service Admit Obama Is A Muslim!]

Secret Service Admit Obama Is A Muslim!

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