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Bethesda Shows Off Medical Mannequin

The Bethesda Regional Health Centre in Steinbach has taken delivery of a medical mannequin that features some serious training technology. The $40,000.00 mannequin was purchased by the Bethesda Foundation. Executive Director John Peters says there was a demonstration of the mannequin at the hospital Monday.

“It’s got a number of computer programs built into it. The mannequin looks like it’s breathing, it has blood pressure, it has a number of very real characteristics. Doctor Minnaar was there and showed us how he can simulate any kind of a trauma incident for this mannequin. The people who are doing the training can learn on something they can make a mistake on and nothing happens. It’s a very good training vehicle.”

Peters says the Foundation’s ‘Drive for Excellence’ golf tournament on June 26th will raise the money to help pay for the mannequin. He notes corporate sponsorship for the tournament is very strong again this year but he adds there is still some room for individual golfers. There’ll be a demonstration of the mannequin at the tournament.


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Medical Office Technology Programs – Virtual Tour – Great Lakes Institute of Technology – Find out about the Health Information Technology, Medical Billing and Coding, and Medical Office Assistant programs at Great Lakes Institute of Technology. In these programs students will learn all they need to begin a career in Medical Offices. Students will get hands-on training in simulated medical labs and classroom instruction. Students will also receive interviewing and resume training from our Employment Specialists to assist them in finding employment. Call 814-864-6666 today to find out more about this program from Great Lakes Institute of Technology.


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Advantages of Medical Careers – Picking the Right Medical Career

The advantages of working in a medical field career are numerous. Medical field careers normally attract those who are caring, inquisitive, and industrious, so understanding the benefits of working in this arena is easy.

The most satisfying aspect of working in medicine is the fulfillment one receives from helping others. Diagnosing, caring for, and treating sick people is rewarding. Educating patients about health and wellness is also gratifying. Knowing you’ve touched a person’s life in such an intimate and personal way is deeply satisfying. Assisting someone through a difficult illness or the loss of a loved one offers rewards some will never know. Connecting with patients and their families on such a deep and personal level is what keeps many health care providers in the profession.

Not everyone can stomach working in the medical field. Blood and body fluids bother some people; others can’t stand to see people in pain or handle traumatic situations; these reasons contribute to the high earning potential for medical field careers. People working in medicine are compensated well for years spent in school, level of academic achievement, and for their willingness to work in an area where many others cannot. Nurses, for example, are often paid higher shift differentials (more money per hour) when they work evening and overnight shifts – times often considered less than desirable because they interfere with family and sleep time.

Working in the medical field often offers a great deal of scheduling flexibility. Nurses appreciate this benefit of their jobs. Mothers of young children can work around school schedules to be home with their families. Many people in the medical field also opt to work weekend shifts to accommodate their families’ needs. Working weekends usually means more money as well. Unfortunately, people become ill at all hours every day. The medical field needs people working around the clock, so there is a work schedule to fit just about anyone’s lifestyle.

Medical field careers are in high demand because people are always sick. There will always be a need for health care providers – no matter what the specialty – doctors, nurses, or X-ray technicians.

Another advantage of having a career in medicine is a stimulating job environment. Working in medicine means you will always be challenged and you will always be learning something new. Each new patient means a new illness or set of circumstances, a new diagnosis, and a new way of approaching problem solving. You will have the opportunity to work with intelligent, driven individuals who have the same interests and careers goals you may have. You will never be bored working in any of the fascinating medical field careers.


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Professional medical coaching movie: oral fluid samples

Professional medical coaching movie by PHE exhibiting how to acquire oral fluid samples in health care options or in the property.

Oral fluid samples are taken to check for distinct disorders this sort of as measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, tetanus and hepatitis. They can also be employed to check whether vaccines have been efficient and can be employed as an alternative of blood tests as they consist of the identical antibodies.

This coaching movie will be suitable for GPs, nurses, doctors, and any well being practitioner needing to acquire oral fluid samples.


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Study a study course in Worldwide Drugs in London! (Arabic)

Feras from Libya shares with us what it is like to review a basis study course at INTO St.Georges in London

Find out extra about researching Drugs at INTO St Georges kingdom/en-gb/our-centres/into-st-georges-college-of-london.aspx

Keep in contact with INTO on Facebook
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English subtitles available


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Manhattan Institute – College of Allied Health-related and Nursing

Official Tv set professional at the moment showing on VH1, MTV,CBS, FIOS, NY1, PIX11.
From strategy and casting scheduling taking pictures, set and costume designe to write-up creation procedure and closing shipping to Tv set Station.
Developed by Kostic Films LLC crew.

Solid :
Jessi Moore
Gemma Forbes
Marissa Carpio
Silvana Carranza
David Denowitz
Davide IIliano

Directed by Aleksandar Kostic
Cinematography by Valentina Caniglia
Output Design by Marija Plavsic-Kostic
Digital camera Assistant Brian Murphy
Developed by Kostic Films LLC


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Medical Billing and Coding Training Miami | Common Vocational Institute Video clip Common Vocational Institute. The Medical Billing and Coding Training Miami Application was made to teach students for entry level employment in the well being treatment field, in a selection of positions these types of as health-related coders, entry level coders, coding professionals, and much more.

Phone Us at 1-800-310-0221

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Common Vocational Institute
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