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MUVE Market Virtual Patient Care Simulation

Shows sample cases of patient simulations that can be created and used to train students and professionals in the 3D social virtual world of Second Life, such as nurses, pharmacists, paramedics, EMTs, social workers, respiratory care technicians, laboratory technicians, radiological technicians, physicians, dentists, and many other fields. Contact John Miller, educational consultant ( for training and course integration and Cathy Walker at MUVErs ( for product purchase, customization, and total educational solutions.


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Clinical Medical Assistant Program

In several months, you can be a part of this in-demand career field. This accelerated program will train you to assist physicians by performing functions related to the clinical responsibilities of a medical office.
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Medical Assistant Grad Says Virginia College Prepares You to Succeed Miriam wanted to earn a better living for herself and started by enrolling in the Medical Assistant program at Virginia College.

“Everything I did at Virginia College was worth it,” she says. Miriam believes the school teaches you how to prepare for your career and maintain success.

Career Services helped her extensively with her resume and portfolio. “They knew how to explain to me how to make things work better for my resume,” she says.

Now Miriam is a full-time Medical Assistant and Lab Coordinator. “Everything Virginia College taught me, I am using,” she says.

Learn more about the Medical Assistant programs at Virginia College here:

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