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Access Careers – Hempstead (Health Care & IT Training)

Access Careers, a successful Medical and Computer Training School, was incorporated in 1998. Initially, the company found it difficult to find the right people to engage in Consulting, Staffing and Recruitment. This resulted in the company starting a Training Division to train deserving individuals and its own employees to keep them updated in the latest cutting edge technologies and place them with companies who are looking for the talent.


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Medical Assistant Grad Says Virginia College Prepares You to Succeed Miriam wanted to earn a better living for herself and started by enrolling in the Medical Assistant program at Virginia College.

“Everything I did at Virginia College was worth it,” she says. Miriam believes the school teaches you how to prepare for your career and maintain success.

Career Services helped her extensively with her resume and portfolio. “They knew how to explain to me how to make things work better for my resume,” she says.

Now Miriam is a full-time Medical Assistant and Lab Coordinator. “Everything Virginia College taught me, I am using,” she says.

Learn more about the Medical Assistant programs at Virginia College here:

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Medical Assistant – Stethoscope Review!

Along my journey as a medical assistant, I have come across many different stethoscopes! I’m sorry if this one is a long one!Today, I’m reviewing stethoscopes that I have tried! Thanks for watching!

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Unmarked generic stethoscope
Adscope Lite 609 (clear pink)
Littmann Classic II S.E.
MDF Rose Gold Edition
Littmann Cardiology IV

Rules of my channel!
1.) I do not do tutorials!
2.) I do not give out medical advice!
3.) I do not discuss wages!
4.) I do not allow promotions, advertising or marketing on my channel!

Please keeps these in mind when posting on my channel! This is to keep the social integrity of my page and to promote a positive environment for Medical Assisting!


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Florida Vocational Institute – Medical Assistant

Our Medical Assistant program is designed to train students in all of the relevant aspects of medical office management including reception, booking appointments, records management, informatics, insurance billing, preparing patients for physical examinations, and minor surgeries, performing specialized medical tests including urinalysis, and collecting biological specimens, phlebotomy, EKG, limited X Rays, and processing and recording pharmacological data. Graduates of this program will be prepared and possess the skills and hands on experience to work at the entry level in medical offices, clinics and various medical practices.


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