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Medical Assistant Salary and Job In USA

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The role of the medical assistant is to assist doctors and nurses either in doctor’s clinics or in hospitals. As for the medical support salary, according to the American Medical Association official website, this could range from $22,000 to as much as $30,000 per year.

The salary would really depend on the training, work experience, and employer. Generally speaking, the medical support salary of someone who has a certificate would be lower than that compared to someone who has an associate degree. There should also be employee benefits like health and dental insurances that may be offered with the salary.

However, there are medical aides who have had several decades of experience and who have received additional training. These assistants can demand a higher salary especially if they have received high recommendations. There are advanced medical aid training like administration of injections, CPR, the use of a cardiac monitor, or even medical transcription. These advanced training increase the chances of the individual to find better paying jobs.

However, the salary is the least to be considered if the trained individual does not like the career they are in. This is a career in service and it can be very demanding, especially if the clinic or hospital work can extend after the work hours. Those who want to enter this career for the sole reason of getting rich will not achieve their goals, instead they could be easily frustrated. Others even claim it can be a dead-end job if the individual does not make the effort of getting additional training.

The good news about being a medical helper is that this is a very flexible career. Additional training can actually open doors to other jobs and careers. The familiarity with the medical field and terminology can lead to bigger careers. There are some MAs who have gone on to insurance work where they encode the medical billings, check on the medical health claims and many more.

The medical assistant salary can only be limited by the individual who puts a limit on their abilities. This is not a career where one is required to be a genius. What is important to have is to gain the education or training from recognized schools be they online or traditional. After getting the certification or degree, go out and experience the work. Get more training if need be so the desired salary goal is achieved.


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Medical Assistant – Frequently Asked Questions!

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Today I’m going over the most frequently asked questions that I get about Medical Assisting!

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Medical Assistant School Erie PA – Great Lakes Institute of Technology – Find out about the Medical Assistant program at Great Lakes Institute of Technology in Erie PA. In this 9 month program students will learn all they need to begin a career as a Medical Assistant. Students will get hands-on training in simulated medical labs and classroom instruction. Students will also receive interviewing and resume training from our Employment Specialists to assist them in finding employment. Call 814-864-6666 today to find out more about this program from Great Lakes Institute of Technology.


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Online Medical Assistant Training

The following is helpful information which can help you find Online Medical Assistant Training in the area along with provide recommendations on what a person might accomplish within the following sector. There is additionally the wage data along with the academic prerequisites associated with this field.


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Medical Assisting Lab 360° Virtual Tour – Carrington College Campus

Take a look around our Medical Assisting Lab! Students in our Medical Assisting program come here to practice what they’ve learned in class on mannequins and sometimes on each other. They also receive hands-on training from qualified instructors that prepares them for their future careers.

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