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Clinical Laboratory License Application Department of Health New Jersey

This is an Application for a Clinical Laboratory License from the New Jersey Department of Health. It works just like the paper form, complete with all capture fields such as name of collection station, name of parent lab, hours of operation, and more.


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Veterinary Technician Training: Lab Skills 1: Part 1 – Basic Blood Collection

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Animal Care Technologies is committed to providing the best online training content in the veterinary industry. In doing so, we are constantly updating our content and adding new titles to our vast catalog of training videos.

This Laboratory Skills Volume 1 series covers some of the most essential skills needed for performing procedures in your hospital’s lab such as:

• Basic Blood Collection
• Complete Blood Count
• Heartworm Snap Test
• Urinalysis
• Fecal Analysis
• Basic Microscope Techniques
• Identifying Intestinal Parasites

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In Da Lab | In Da Club Medical Parody |

A rap anthem for lab rats everywhere.

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Thanks to University Medical Center (UMC) hospital in Las Vegas for letting us shoot in their lab!


Cinematography by Variables of Light® :
Lyrics: ZDoggMD and Dr. Harry
(assist from Facebook fans: Camellia Austin, Jennifer Carter, Kate Christofersen)
Audio production and track engineering: Devin Moore
Extras (real lab peeps from UMC!):

Cinnamon Nelson
Lisa Gorlick
Karen Edwards
Dr. Ronald Knoblock
Laura Wicklein
Mariella Lopez
Frederick Barrido
Michelle Clause
Myhanh Nguyen
Daniel Howard
Cheryl Zimmer
Erica Nansen

And a special thanks to those fans who donated money to help fund the production!

Kara Hearn
Natasha Singh
Julie Massey
Mary Ray
Riley Knight
Jessica Shaffer
Andrew Sauer
Ginger Baker
Chrissy Hayward


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Phlebotomy Lesson 1.5 Pre-Analytical Variables

This lesson discusses the phases of laboratory testing (before testing, testing, after testing) and provides an overview of the importance of all pre-analytical processes in collecting a valid sample. This is an essential component for all health professionals to comprehend because these variables directly affect the quality of the lab sample and the validity of the test results. This lesson is presented in an easily understandable manner and is intended for students, phlebotomists, cna’s, nurses, physicians and other healthcare professionals.


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