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Obama’s Gay Past Comes Out!

Alex asks Dr. Steve Pieczenik what he thinks about Huma and her background. Pieczenik says that the office of president must be filled by someone with deep compromised backgrounds like Bill Clinton being the child of an unknown father and a prostitute mother. Obama is a known gay man who slept with Rahm emanuel. Hillary is a lesbian and that itself is a threat to national security.

Obama Picks Openly Gay Man to Lead Army

[Secret Service Admit Obama Is A Muslim!]

Secret Service Admit Obama Is A Muslim!

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Dr Jennifer Evans: “Aphrodisiacs, Fertility and Medicine in Early Modern England” | Talks at Google

Dr Jennifer Evans
Aphrodisiacs, Fertility and Medicine in Early Modern England
Recorded in London, July 2015

Jennifer’s blog can be found at

It was common knowledge in early modern England that sexual desire was malleable, and could be increased or decreased by a range of foods – including artichokes, oysters and parsnips. This book argues that these aphrodisiacs were used not simply for sexual pleasure, but, more importantly, to enhance fertility and reproductive success; and that at that time sexual desire and pleasure were felt to be far more intimately connected to conception and fertility than is the case today. It draws on a range of sources to show how, from the sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, aphrodisiacs were recommended for the treatment of infertility, and how men and women utilised them to regulate their fertility. Via themes such as gender, witchcraft and domestic medical practice, it shows that aphrodisiacs were more than just sexual curiosities – they were medicines which operated in a number of different ways unfamiliar now, and their use illuminates popular understandings of sex and reproduction in this period. Dr Jennifer Evans is a Lecturer in Early Modern History at the University of Hertfordshire.


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How to Perform Monthly Maintenance on a Midmark M9/M11 Autoclave

Video training guide — how to perform monthly cleaning and maintenance on a Midmark autoclave. Learn more at

This video is an overview of monthly maintenance for your autoclave. However always refer to the appropriate technical documentation for the complete list of instructions, safety alerts and sequence of procedures before conducting any service or maintenance operations. Every 28 days the autoclave automatically displays a “perform monthly maintenance” message. This is a more thorough cleaning of the unit and involves multiple steps. Clean the chamber and plumbing: with a cool chamber drain the autoclaves reservoir and refill with distilled water. Add one ounce of speedclean autoclave cleaner directly to the cool chamber. This is where you load your instruments for sterilization. Run one pouches cycle, but push the stop button when the drying cycle begins. It’s not necessary for the dry cycle to run during this maintenance. Drain the reservoir again and refill a second time with clean distilled water for the rinse cycle. Rinse by running one unwrapped cycle. Push the stop button when the drying cycle begins. After the cycle has completed, drain and fill the reservoir with clean distilled water. Then allow the sterilizer to cool. Remove the trays and tray rack, and wipe with a damp cloth. Next remove and clean filters. Remove filters by pulling upward and twisting slightly. Filter should be cleaned by washing with a mild soap and distilled water solution. Use a small stiff brush or an ultrasonic cleaner to remove stubborn deposits. After cleaning rinse the filters with distilled water and set them aside. Wipe the inside of the autoclave chamber being careful not to damage the heating element, steam temperature probe, or water level sensor. Reinsert the filters into the appropriate holes by pushing downward while twisting slightly. Reinstall the tray rack. Next, remove and clean the door and door dam gaskets. Remove the door dam gasket and then the gasket ring from the unit. Clean gaskets and ring with speedclean, distilled water and a soft brush. Inspect the gaskets for damage, shrinking or swelling. Replace the gasket if damage is apparent. Press the door gasket ring into the channel and the door gasket and place the door gasket back into the door. The next part of the required monthly maintenance involves verifying proper operation of the pressure relief valve. Since high pressure and temperature steam will be vented from under the autoclave during this track place a roll towel around the bottom of the autoclave to act as a steam barrier. Press the unwrap cycle and then start. Monitor the display and wait for the pressure to reach 20 PSI. When 20 PSI is reached pull upward firmly on the relief valve lever on top of the autoclave capping and hold it open for three seconds. Steam should discharge freely from beneath the rear of the unit. Release the lever quickly and verify that the valve has closed properly, by noting that steam has stopped escaping. If the unit is still releasing steam pull up on the valve lever again and release it quickly so the valve snaps back into position.
Repeat this if necessary to make sure the valve is seated correctly. Press STOP to cancel the cycle preventing the unit from overheating.
Allow the chamber to cool. If excessive force is required to open the valve or if it will not reseat properly, contact your Midmark authorized dealer. When the maintenance is complete the “perform monthly maintenance” message will go away during your next sterilization cycle. M9 and M11’s are designed and tested to provide exceptional reliability throughout their service life. To ensure integrity, performance and safety of all major components, it is the responsibility of the user to have the sterilizer performance and operation verified by Midmark Authorized Service Provider at least every 10 years or 10,000 cycles, whichever comes first. For more detailed information about maintaining your autoclave, please refer to the M9/M11 installation and operation manual. For further support contact Midmark Support Services at 1-800-MIDMARK


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Externship Experience: Exploring Medicine

Since 1997, the MIT Alumni Association’s Student/Alumni Externship Program has placed thousands of MIT students in short-term alumni-sponsored internships around the globe.

More than 200 MIT alumni sponsored externships, including Boston-area physicians Dr. Anastassios Pittas ’91 and his wife Dr. Helen Delichatsios ’90, who have been hosting student externs for 15 years.

Dr. Pittas’ and Dr. Delichatsios’ externship opportunity is one example of the experiences offered by the Alumni Association each year and the program has more students than externship opportunities.

For more information on the Alumni Association’s Student/Alumni Externship Program or to submit your externship opportunity, visit


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Business Plan For Startup Or Mobile App

Learn to promote and make money from your app with my mobile app business course:

Or my highly rated book on how to promote a mobile app and make money with apps:

More help and tools to create a business plan for a startup or mobile app, try our mobile business plan apps:

Our mobile business plan apps are available on Android, iOS (iPhone and Android), Amazon Kindle and the NOOK. And these apps can help you write a business plan for your startup or mobile app. The apps also put you in touch with a live person who can provide expert help and answer any questions you may have about a business plan for a startup or a mobile app..

In this tutorial I explain how to write a business plan for a startup or a mobile app.

One key difference between a business plan for a new website or a new kind of a mobile app, and a traditional business plan is that in case of a website or an app, there are many unknowns so writing a full business plan makes less sense since we just do not know many of the variables.

So while it is good to have a business plan because it will help you to organize your thoughts and ideas when you put them on paper, because there are so many unknowns, in the web startup ecosystem, there is a very strong emphasis on actually testing the ideas out in the market.

So when you write your business plan, also have a strategy for how you can quickly and cheaply build a prototype that you can put into the hands of customers. Your customers will give you feedback and you can use that feedback to improve the product. This is the LeanStartup approach by Eric Ries and Steve Blank. Here are links to learn more about them.

Here is the link to learn about Eric Ries:
Here is the link to learn about Steve Blank:

If you are looking for business help, try the mobile apps that I created which can help you write a business plan for your startup or mobile app, and also get started in growing it:

Here is the Android business plan app where you can plan your startup or mobile app:

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Best Amazon Kindle Business Apps

And here is our 4-app business starting course on the NOOK which can help you create a business plan for your startup or app:

Best NOOK Business Apps

Here are a few more tutorials for how to create a business plan for an app, and start a great business in the mobile space.

Mobile app business book and course:

Best Android business apps

iPhone business plan apps:

How to price mobile apps, and how much a mobile app should cost

How to promote and monetize photo and social apps:

Developing mobile apps natively or use JavaScript or HTML5 frameworks like PhoneGap or Appcelerator

App store comparison: GooglePlay vs. Apple Store vs. Kindle vs. Nook vs. Blackberry vs. Microsoft

Where to launch your app: Should you release and launch your mobile app on Android or iOS:

Mobile app monetization: increase app revenue with consumable in app purchases & subscriptions

How to get good mobile app reviews:

Mobile app pricing: How much should you charge for your app

Should you make money with ads to your mobile apps? What is the right way to publish mobile app ads?

How to raise money for an app:

How to write a mobile app title:

Business plan course

How to start a business with no money

Book on going from business ideas to starting a business:

25 Facebook marketing strategies:

Best home based business ideas:

Video of step by step process on how to start a business:


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NASA Administrator Charles Bolden, Jr. Live@Q 2012

The power of education to transform lives, lift up communities and build pathways to a brighter future is a key part of NASA’s commitment to preparing the next generation for leadership roles, particularly in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). As NASA Administrator, Charles Bolden Jr., sees one of his greatest challenges and pleasures is helping to engage and inspire the next generation of students to explore that larger realm.
Mr Bolden presented an inspirational talk on NASA’s future directions in innovation, exploration, science and discovery and the vital role that today’s students will play.


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