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accredited medical assistant programs

accredited medical assistant programs

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Medical Assistant Fellowship Program

Community Health Network is offering an exciting health care training opportunity to medical assistant students. Community was awarded a federal grant to fund an advanced clinical training fellowship for local medical assistant students who are actively enrolled and preparing for externship.

Community understands the need to recruit highly-qualified, professional and patient-focused individuals to work with the physicians and patients in our physician offices and ambulatory clinics. Community wants to be proactive in providing clinical training experiences that help develop successful medical assistants.

The Medical Assistant Fellowship Program is an advanced externship program for selected applicants. It will provide 300 hours of extensive training during a period of eight to 10 weeks. This specialized program is designed to strengthen clinical and educational preparation as well as open the door to employment opportunities.The program includes the support of a program manager, clinical coordinator and experienced preceptors at our physician practices and outpatient settings. These partners will oversee the development and demonstration of required skills. Program participants rotate through two clinical settings, including physician offices, urgent care and other ambulatory care settings, to develop valuable, practical experiences that will give them an academic and clinical edge in the marketplace.

Upon successful completion of the fellowship program, all students will be considered for open positions at Community Health Network, taking into consideration preferences for location, specialty and hours. To learn more about careers at Community, visit


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Two Students Working EKG on one Patient

ADVANCE SCIENCE INSTITUTE we are an allied health school that concentrates on the support groups of the medical field. We have been open since 1998 and have been providing quality allied health education to our community for 15 years. We have graduated more than a thousand student. Who now are the professionals that work in allied health facilities (ALFs), clinics and hospitals. We strive for excellence and achieve it through our student.

For more information visit out website at:

Hours of Operation are:
9:00 am – 5:30 pm M-Th
9:00 am – 5:00 pm F

Contact information:
Telephone: (305) 827-5452
Fax: (305) 557-2268

We offer the following Programs:

Medical Assistant
Nursing Assistant
X-Ray Machine Operator
Phlebotomy Technician

We also Offer:
Continuing Education Course Units


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Parent Connections – A Peer Support Parenting Program

The Parent Connections program reaches and supports parents and families who want to be more involved in their communities. Often parents and caregivers of young children feel isolated and are unaware of local supports and resources, leading to vulnerability. By building the capacity of parents within different neighbourhoods around Richmond Parent Connections is able to create grass roots programming that reaches the needs and wants of each specific neighbourhood.


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Medical Assistant Grad Says Virginia College Prepares You to Succeed Miriam wanted to earn a better living for herself and started by enrolling in the Medical Assistant program at Virginia College.

“Everything I did at Virginia College was worth it,” she says. Miriam believes the school teaches you how to prepare for your career and maintain success.

Career Services helped her extensively with her resume and portfolio. “They knew how to explain to me how to make things work better for my resume,” she says.

Now Miriam is a full-time Medical Assistant and Lab Coordinator. “Everything Virginia College taught me, I am using,” she says.

Learn more about the Medical Assistant programs at Virginia College here:

Want to see more from Virginia College? Follow us!



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How to overcome pain | Adjoa Boateng | TEDxAccra

Pain is as universal as love. Instead of viewing pain only as an ominous signal of danger, it can become an opportunity to understand others’ life stories, to create positive social bonds.

A physician well-versed in helping patients deal with pain, Adjoa Boateng has seen the many different reactions of people to pain. Aside her work as a Junior Physician in the ICU, she has worked with the drug addicts, young veterans, non-violent offenders and abuse victims.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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2010 ACLS, PALS, BLS, Certification at Clinical Solutions.wmv

Clinical Solution’s educational programs are delivered by top clinicians and include cutting edge research and practice implementation. Advanced simulation equipment and elite instructors make our training center stand out among other programs. Training initiatives are customized for clients, and may include basic CPR, first aid, pre-hospital education, American Heart Association courses and many Continuing education nursing courses.

Clinical Solutions is a Florida Board of Nursing provider (50-12426) and an approved provider for Florida EMS continuing education training programs. All courses are registered through the CE broker and all continuing education contact hours will be reported to the CE broker upon completion.

Clinical Solutions was founded with the mission to provide our learners with the highest quality professional continuing education in a stress free enviorment through operational excellence. We are focusing on critical thinking and hands on application utilizing the expertise of our instructors and state of the art technology.

Please feel free to take a look around, and remember, even if you do not find the class you need, odds are we do have that curriculum. We can also customize any curriculum for your specific needs and can bring the program to your facility. Please contact us. We value your opinion and would love to know what you think.


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All Health Training – (HLT37215) Certificate III in Pathology Collection

© All Health Training. All Rights Reserved

All Health Training aims to provide professional, accredited and accessible training courses in order to increase your knowledge and strengthen your skills.

No matter what you are doing at the moment, the opportunity to complete a training program and improve your career or even change it completely is within your reach.

We offer support and assistance through every stage of the training to ensure that you are able to complete the course with confidence.
03 9894 3900


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Arterial Blood Gas Sample (with Allen’s test)

Medicine in a Nutshell gives you an online tutorial to successfully take an arterial blood sample. This is a how to guide for tips and tricks on how to make this difficult procedure easier.

We show how to prepare and do an ABG successfully.
We also show how to conduct an Allen’s test.

Whether in an OSCE or on clinical practice this is a skill a medical student show be proficient in. This guide aims to improve confidence.

If this was helpful please like the video and subscribe to our youtube channel. Feel free to share this on social media.

A special thank you to the Leicester Clinical Skills Unit and expert advisors- Natalie Coltman and Bill Bower.


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