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Medical Assistant Fellowship Program

Community Health Network is offering an exciting health care training opportunity to medical assistant students. Community was awarded a federal grant to fund an advanced clinical training fellowship for local medical assistant students who are actively enrolled and preparing for externship.

Community understands the need to recruit highly-qualified, professional and patient-focused individuals to work with the physicians and patients in our physician offices and ambulatory clinics. Community wants to be proactive in providing clinical training experiences that help develop successful medical assistants.

The Medical Assistant Fellowship Program is an advanced externship program for selected applicants. It will provide 300 hours of extensive training during a period of eight to 10 weeks. This specialized program is designed to strengthen clinical and educational preparation as well as open the door to employment opportunities.The program includes the support of a program manager, clinical coordinator and experienced preceptors at our physician practices and outpatient settings. These partners will oversee the development and demonstration of required skills. Program participants rotate through two clinical settings, including physician offices, urgent care and other ambulatory care settings, to develop valuable, practical experiences that will give them an academic and clinical edge in the marketplace.

Upon successful completion of the fellowship program, all students will be considered for open positions at Community Health Network, taking into consideration preferences for location, specialty and hours. To learn more about careers at Community, visit


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UnityMD – Mobile Healthcare Web Site Solutions

With the explosion of mobile devices, mobile technology, and people constantly on the go, and social media, a mobile strategy is key to your digital strategy. UnityMD is a full mobile-ready solution to serve all your medical website needs to help you deliver a truly patient-centric user experience.

UnityMD was designed with a simple concept in mind—to make the experience of deploying and managing large-scale websites for hospitals and healthcare providers easy and intuitive.

The build versus buy dilemma is a pressing question. Instead of waiting for months or years to build the complex systems and pay an army of programmers to do so, see how your organization can benefit from our quick-to-market solutions while saving you the costly programming expenses typically found in web development.

There are many benefits to applying the power and ease of UnityMD. Developing a mobile web site for healthcare is not easy. With Unity, it works out of the box, day one. We have a proven track record of superior performance, quality, cost savings and speed to market are among the key reasons our customers have continued to come to us for over 18 years.

UnityMD provides mobile web site solutions for healthcare that are reliable, affordable, easy to use, and fast to implement. Contact us to learn more by e-mailing or call us today at 615-200-0514 or you can visit us at

Video Transcription:
If you work in healthcare you know how difficult it can be to communicate with all of the different departments to deliver a cutting-edge web presence.

When a patient enters a hospital for care it takes all departments working together

You have to get the core departments within YOUR organization to – work together
– physicians
– HR
– IT
– community ed
– and marketing

We were initially approached by a marketing department who asked us if we could create a system to help all of their departments work together.

They were having so much difficulty with making the technology work for them.

So UnityMD was actually born as the answer to that need/question. After seeing how frustrating their job was, we decided to create a patient-centric web site that solved the internal and external web needs for every member of the bigger team.

We tried to make the experience easy to use for both the hospital personnel and the patient.

We created a system by solving the issues each department deals with inside their larger medical institution

– How can everyone tell if a certain physician accepting new patients?
– And what if you have a position that needs to be filled?
– Can I deploy mobile-first content?
– How can I advertise events and classes online?
– What about accepting online payments for course registrations?
– How can I collect information securely online?
– Where can I conduct online learning for continuing education?
– What if I need help managing the online infrastructure?

While we were developing this platform we kept asking ourselves how do we take something that is so complex and make it simple for everyone to use?

We were so excited with the end result of what we created being a centralized platform that so easily connects all the core departments.

People have said to me “I actually get to go home at 5 now.”

It’s been amazing to see how what we created has transformed so many people’s lives.

If I could talk to people directly I would say call us, “we have worked so hard to develop this system that will work for you.”


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Online Medical Assistant Training

The following is helpful information which can help you find Online Medical Assistant Training in the area along with provide recommendations on what a person might accomplish within the following sector. There is additionally the wage data along with the academic prerequisites associated with this field.


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First-Hand Look at Health Care Careers

Nearly 150 Bay Area high school and community college students aspiring to careers in health got a glimpse of the wide array of jobs in health care during a day-long Kaiser Permanente-sponsored Youth Career Day at Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Innovation Center. The students and teachers came from health career preparatory programs at 8 schools and organizations around the Bay Area and Sacramento, including Oakland’s Technical High School Health Academy, Sacramento’s Health Professions High School, Contra Costa Community College, and First Place for Youth. Kaiser Permanente created the hands-on program to introduce a diverse group of young people to health careers they may not know exist. The program also provided students and instructors with guidance on what education they would need for a given career, and how to find financial aid and support services to help get there.


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