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Cardiovascular Technologist | ekg technician salary | Cardiovascular technologist salary

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Practice describing yourself. Another important step in preparing for a job interview is to practice describing your professional characteristics. Think of expamples from past jobs, schoolwork, and activities to illustrate important skills. Recalling accomplishments beforehand, when you don’t have to respond under interview pressure, will strengthen your answers during the actual event.
Every interview will be different, and there may always be surprising questions. Nevertheless, interviewers suggest rehearsing with a friend to gain confidence and poise. As a starting point, try to respond aloud to the following:

⦁ How would you describe yourself?
⦁ What did you like most about your last job?
⦁ What types of courses do you enjoy most?
⦁ Why should I select you over other applicants?
⦁ What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses?
⦁ What are your hobbies?
⦁ Tell me more about the project you described on your resume.
⦁ describe a work or school-related problem and how you solved it.
⦁ Tell me about a time you worked as part of a team.
⦁ What are your short-term goals?
⦁ Why do you want to work in this occupation and for this company?
Each question gives you an opportunity to illustrate your favorable characteristics. When responding, focus on subjects related to the job. For example, if asked to describe yourself, talk about your professional characteristics and background, not your personal life. interview
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Update: Med School!!! (I’m back!)

Last time I took a video it was 4 months ago now I’m back with a lot to tell you this is my update from the medical school perspective. This is also like an inspirational video along with an update because a lot has happened in my life recently. Sorry been gone for so long but I will hopefully be making a lot more videos soon. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions put them in the comments below. If you like seeing my face please Subscribe! Thank you so much for everything.


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Welcome to Baker College of Allen Park

Learn more at:

The ‘Downriver’ campus is the fastest-growing location in the Baker College system, with an enrollment that’s grown nearly 500% since 2003. There are many reasons for this growth, including a great location near four major freeways. With over a half-dozen new facilities completed over the past two years, Allen Park is one of the most modern and technologically advanced campuses in the state. Most importantly, Allen Park is home to faculty, staff, and students who are totally committed to helping each other succeed.


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Healthcare school – Institute of Technology conveniently located in Tampa, FL (Part 4 of 5)

Health care school – Institute of Technology conveniently located at 4311 W. Waters Avenue in Tampa, Florida with public transportation available. Enroll and discover the flexibility we offer with classes during the day and evening on the weekday and weekends available. Students may enroll into entry level health care career diploma programs at an accelerated pace for a quick graduation. Students can also progress into an advanced health care career diploma program such as a medical assistant or patient care technician. Ten diploma programs available –
• Medical Assistant (MA)
• Home Health Aide (HHA)
• Phlebotomy
• Electrocardiograph Aide
• Electrocardiograph Technician
• Medical Coder Billing
• Pharmacy Technician
• Patient Care Technician
• Hemodialysis Technician
• Psychiatric Technology


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How to answer “Tell Me About Yourself”?

“Tell me about yourself” probably is the most commonly asked question in interviews. How you answer this question greatly affects the first impression you give, and it sets the tone for the entire interview.
How should you answer this question? -Here is our tips.

1 Keep it professional
—Give a good first impression
—Do not volunteer personal information
Interviewers are not asking this question because they want to know your personal life.
Do not mention your favorite sport team or artist, but rather present yourself as a professional.
Good answer to this question proves why you are the best candidate for the position.

2 Highlight your experience and skills
—Tailor your answer for the job position
—Study the job description and relate the answer
Highlight education, work experience, and skills that are relevant and helps to prove you are the best candidate.
If you do not have working experience, think about transferable skills that you developed at school or in private life that supports your answer.

3 Give answers in chronological order
Keep your answers in chronological order to make it easy for interviewers to understand.
Quickly organize your answer before stating!

Here is a good example to start your answer.

“I believe I have a very solid background in medical assisting. I earned my degree in medical assisting where I learned viable skills, such as taking vitals, administering injections, explaining treatment procedures to patients, and preparing patients for examination…..”

Remember, keep it professional, highlight your skills/experiences that are relevant, and organize your answer.
Follow these steps and practice your answer before the interview.
What do you think? Comment below and share us your experience!

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Own Nothing but Control Everything

•Presented by Pratt & LeFevre Corporation, Management Accounts
o Ron Haycock
o Doug Hales, CPA
o Marvin Crowther

Topic: Business Organization

You’re in business but does it work for you. Is your business putting you personally at risk. Is there a better way to structure your business liability? Join us for this thought provoking approach to business and see what you can do to create the layers of protection you need personally and professionally.

During the webinar we will learn:

The pros and cons of organizing a:
a. C Corporation,
b. S Corporation,
c. Limited Liability Company
d. Sole Proprietorship

How to protect yourself from the litigious society in which we live. Be “Sue Proof”. Someone wants to sue you say “So, Sue Me! Go Right Ahead”

Only those with large egos want to own a lot and let people know how much. If you own nothing, you don’t run the risk of losing it. But, if you control everything you can keep it close to you and earn all the money you want.

Once you are protected, use your organization to realize the maximum tax benefits. Under no condition, avoid paying taxes. If you owe it, pay it. However, if the IRS offers you opportunities to reduce your tax liability it would be foolish not to take advantage of those rules.

What is the key to owning nothing, controlling everything and reducing your tax obligations? Your organization is the key. Learn Why and How!

For more information and help applying this to your situation contact Ron directly. Go to the website for his contact information and mention this webinar when speaking with him:


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CARDIOVASCULAR Technologist Salary | $60,350 – 2 Year AS Degree
The Cardiovascular Technologist salary is normally around $60,000 depending on where in the country you are located and the experience you have.

As an entry level technologist you will be performing electrocardiograms (EKG’s) and setting up stress tests.

As you progress in your career, you will go on to use various instruments to diagnose and treat heart disease and vascular problems.


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