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Buncombe Minute – OnTrack WNC Finance Classes

OnTrack Financial Education and Counseling is a great local organization that provides free classes and services to help Buncombe County citizens with money management, loan education, debt assistance, and more.

Here are their upcoming classes for June:

Money Management Class – Sat, June 10th and 17th, 9am-12:30pm

NCAACP Credit Awareness Project – June 9th, 11am-1pm

Credit: Get It. Keep It. Improve It. – June 2nd, 14th, and 26th, noon – 1:30pm, and June 8th and 20th, 5:30-7pm

Bugeting and Debt class – June 1st, 14th, and 26th, 5:30 – 7pm, and June 6th and 23rd from noon – 1:30pm

These are just a handful of the classes available from OnTrack WNC. All of their classes take place at their office at 50 South French Broad Ave. in Asheville. For more information visit


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Class IV employee has taken the place of E.C.G technician | First India News

JAIPUR: In Swaiman singh hospital ,doctors are playing with the lives of people .The place of an E.C.G technician is taken by Class IV employee.Class IV employee is doing test of E.C.G patients . In that case ECG patients raised questions on their reports .when we asked about it with president of Swaiman Singh Hospital so he said that he is not aware with the incidence.

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People Around The World Try An American Accent

“Chandler Bing!!!!”

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Kickin Boot
Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc.

Surabhi Mokashi
Kimberly Schmaeu
Tam Cao
Lyvonne S
Santiago Navarro
Timothy Itayi (@timothyitayi)
Amit Angel
Maya Angel
Nick Wray
Ferman Qesari
Joey – no last name
Laiana Cunningham
Sarah Sharif
Jack Yu, Korea
Celeste Abbott
Charlie Whitehead
Kirsten Mackay (@kirstenmackay19)
Lauren Scheepers
Sumedh Natu
Vaishnavi Meghe

Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.
Used with Permission


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ISC2 CAP Certified Authorization Professional Exam – Practice Test

ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional CAP exams’ due importance
The significance of ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional CAP exams may be considered as overstated. Whereas, actually they hold great meaning. They may not be obtained simply, but ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional CAP exams certainly back a person’s efforts of acquiring a suitable job.
Explore :
Preparation for ISC2 CAP exam
Before starting with the preparation the candidates must learn about the syllabus of the ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional CAP exam. Obstinate efforts and practice will help the candidates clear the ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional CAP exam, in their first attempt. Internet research will also provide apt preparation material for the ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional CAP exam.
Picking up a Justcerts
Instead of being confused, the candidates should select the Justcerts that has excellent quality material along with a reasonable set of questions to offer to the candidates.
The Justcerts – an overview
The Justcerts offers exhaustive and all-embracing content, thus enabling candidates to conveniently understand the content of the Justcerts. The Justcerts has gained sufficient popularity chiefly because arranges for the candidates, the best preparation material for the ISC2 CAP exam. The software of the Justcerts provides for replication, which imitates the real ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional CAP exam for the candidates providing them an opportunity of identifying their strong and weak points. The software of the Justcerts is designed so as to allow the candidates to practice exhaustively before appearing for the exam. The ISC2 has designed the Justcerts’s layout with the target of making it uncomplicated for the candidates, to operate the Justcerts.
Some important points to be considered are as under:
➢ The candidates are unrestricted in the sense that they can search on any ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional CAP exam on the Justcerts.
➢ The Justcerts’s continual updating, helps candidates to gain know-how of all the up-to-the-minute updates.
➢ The bio-data of the customers of Justcerts’s is sheltered using the antivirus, McAfee.
➢ The Justcerts users are free to not only scan through the existing customers’ comments regarding their experience with the Justcerts’s (brand) but they can also share of their own experience with the Justcerts’s product, by commenting.
➢ Feedback is heartily appreciated by the Justcerts. The feedback from customers is used to make revisions to the Justcerts’s (brand).
➢ A ISC2 CAP exam demo is provided by the Justcerts to the customers to eliminate any possibility that the final product the customer was sold, was not the same as the advertised product.
The Justcerts’s incentives
➢ The customers of the Justcerts benefit from the incentive of refund of the ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional CAP exam fee in event of inability to successfully clear the ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional CAP exam. A time frame of sixty days is permissible to bring to the Justcerts’s notice, any such incidence. Later, the Justcerts refunds back the money paid as ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional CAP exam fee.
➢ The Justcerts provides professional aid and advice to the candidates for their future lives apart from the ISC2 Certified Authorization Professional CAP examination.
➢ Another incentive the Justcerts offers its customers includes huge price cuts and up to 30% discount.


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Umbilical Cord Collection Training Video

Screening Umbilical Cord Tissue For Alcohol And Drugs of Abuse

USDTL introduced the first umbilical cord drug test panels in 2007. This unique specimen matrix offers a number of advantages.

• Availability – Umbilical cord is always available and often allows more rapid reporting of results compared to testing other specimen types.

• Turn-around Time – Overnight shipment to the laboratory means that screened negative results are reported the same day the specimen is received. Presumptive positives require an additional 24-48 hours to be reported.

• Lower Cutoff Levels – We offer the lowest cutoff levels to identify substances of abuse.

• Ease of Collection – A simple collection done in 1-2 minutes means one sample is collected by one person, one time.

USDTL has been operating as a forensic drug testing laboratory since 1991. Newborn specimen matrices include umbilical cord sections, meconium, breast milk and whole blood. Forensic testing requires a complete chain of custody throughout the specimen collection, screening, and confirmation process. If you have questions regarding specimen collection, please click here to view our training video.


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Phlebotomy & Lab Blood Tubes Explained

Hi guys ! I’m a medical laboratory scientist, and I’ve decided to make a short video explaining some of the blood tubes you may encounter when drawing blood. I work at a small hospital where the med tech’s also are responsible for doing some of the blood draws. I’ve worked at other hospitals where it is solely the job of the phlebotomist. Regardless, it is important to know which tubes are necessary for specific lab testing, and generically used for different departments in the lab. I will be talking about the term “rainbow” and which tubes that refers to, as well as tubes for short blood draws, and a few random tests that you won’t see too often in routine blood work.
Thanks for watching!

Order of draw
Phlebotomy training
phlebotomy tubes


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Phlebotomy Lesson 2.4 Types of Circulation

This lesson describes the two different types of cardiac circulation: systemic and pulmonic. This provides an overview of blood flow from each side of the heart through blood vessels and discusses basic gas exchange in each area. This material is presented clearly and in an easily understandable manner making it useful for students and patients desiring to lean more about cardiac blood flow.


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WATCH: The Practice of Bloodletting in New Delhi | National Geographic

In New Delhi, India, dozens of patients a day seek treatment at Rahat Open Surgery, where a practitioner uses a razor blade to draw blood. The practice is widely discredited in Western medicine—aside from its modern-day application for a few conditions—but those who still perform bloodletting, or phlebotomy, believe that “bad blood” is the source of most infirmities. Some patients look with hope to the New Delhi center when more traditional treatments fail to help them or when doctors tell them their ailments are incurable. Bloodletting originated thousands of years ago, and its popularity peaked in the 19th century.
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WATCH: The Practice of Bloodletting in New Delhi | National Geographic

National Geographic


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