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Pre-nursing: TIPS before getting into nursing school

calling all PreNursing students. Getting accepted into nursing school is a great accomplishment but thats just the beginning of it all.

Getting accepted into the nursing program is a great accomplishment that you should be very proud of but getting except it is only one quarter of the work to be done

Research college or university. Ex collegeboard in order to determine graduation rates, accreditations and so forth

Take prerequisites that may be needed for Adn and BSN so that you are ahead of the game once you do go for your bachelors degree if you’re not in a BSN program

Volunteer in a hospital or clinic so that you can gain some experience from that clinical setting to determine whether it truly is right for you and to add it onto your resume

Not necessary but optional I wanted to be a labor and delivery nurse so I went a head and watched a lot of videos on YouTube that had to do with labor and delivery so that I could prepare my mind for what may come

If able get a certification in phlebotomy before getting into the program it’s not necessary but a great option and a great skill to have during nursing school how to put in an IV however having the skill before you can help you when you actually get into the clinical setting

Do some research on associations and whichever specialty that you’re interested in being a part of this can help you with networking a if you’d like to be involved with any conventions they may be having

Study for the entrance exam if you haven’t taken it

Visit the college you would like to attend. What is the campus like, library resources, areas for academic projects

If you don’t get in the first time try again. Pray and seek God’s face and assistant in navigating your life and his purpose for you

Spend time gaining interest in a specialty. When you have your eye on the prize it helps you focus. Though your first job may not be your dream it is a step in the direction are heading

Make sure you have the ability to pay for nursing school. I had to take only one class one semester because couldn’t afford to take more. Save up, apply for fafsa, pull grant if possible STAY AWAY FROM STUDENT LOANS. I have them I only say that because I am currently in debt relief and encourage anyone to save what you can do you won’t have to pay back later.

Spend time with family.

Pray and claim it and know that God’s plan for your life is in control.


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